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Department Secretariat


It provides to students all administrative support and necessary information during the entire period of their studies, and it executes the decisions of the Departmental General Assembly. It is housed in the Transitional Administration Building.

Office Hours: 10.00 am to 13.00 pm

 Tel. +30 2651007231,+30 2651007232,+30 2651007180



  • Laboratory of Byzantine History (Sector of Ancient and Medieval History)
  • Laboratory of Archaeology (Sector of Archaeology and History of Art)
  • Laboratory of Folklore Studies (Sector of Folklore Studies)
  • Laboratory of Pre-industrial Technology (Sector of Folklore Studies)
  • Laboratory of Oral History and Life Stories (Sector of Modern History & Sector of Folklore Studies)
  • IT Laboratory (for both professors and students)


  • Museum of casts and copies of works of ancient Greek art
  • Folklore Museum and Archive
  • Museum Press

 All museums are housed in the building of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University Campus.


The Department of History and Archaeology has a rich collection of monographs and collective volumes in both Greek and foreign lamguages, as well as of academic periodicals in printed and electronic form. These, together with the series of rare publications, donated to the Department by a number of institutions and individuals (Metropolis of Koritsas of Eulogiou Kourila, Sofia Antoniadou, Dimokratia Iliadou, Eurydice Kontoleon, Dimitris Loule, Konstantinos Mertzios, Dimitrios Petropoulos, Christos Pratsikas, Ioannis Chanakas, Serafim Charitonidis, etc.) as well as book purchases, are housed in the University’s Library, which can be freely accessed by all members of the university community.

The Department has transferred to the Library the following archives:

  • Excavation Archive “Sotiris Dakaris” (Sector of Archaeology)
  • Archives of the Court of Appeal and the IoanninaMortgage Office (notarial documents, church and monastery archives, the archive of the hospital “ELPIS” in Athens, family archives, rich photographic and other printed material, including diaries, Greek and international newspapers.

 Τhe different sectors of the Department of History and Archaeology house the following archives:

 • Folklore Archive with primary, unpublished handwritten material from all over Greece and Cyprus (Sector of Folklore Studies)

 • Archive of Ethno-Local and Cultural Associations (Sector of Folklore Studies)

 • Musicological Archive (Sector of Folklore Studies)

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